Thursday, August 19, 2010


One of the musicals that I had the chance to see while in New York City was Fela.  I walked into this auditorium that was full of vibrant colors and decorations.  The musical was very interesting and was written to include the audience and make them feel as though they were apart of the performance.  There were times where the audience would stand up by there seats and dance.  Now that was my kind of musical.  

The thing that I enjoyed the most was the dancing.  It was unbelievable.  The actors danced the whole time.  They must have been in incredible shape, because they did not stop.  They had a live band and great african dance.  The costumes also caught my eye.  They were very unique and used different materials such as belts that were tightly wrapped around their legs.  Everything had vibrant colors and were so visually appealing.    

My Pet.

Newton, New Jersey 

SIR Wrestling

My uncle is a wrestling coach ranging from the ages of 5-21.  SIR wrestling started in the basement of my aunt and uncles house and then grew to the top of their garage and now got so large that they have a facility for SIR wrestlers.  SIR is not only a team but a family.  My Uncle Shawn has done so much for his kids and I had the opportunity to see that this summer.  I went to various wrestling tournaments and practices.  The group of kids are so sweet and dedicated to their sport.  

Margaritas and Bruschetta

This is the only thing that I can cook... and it is DELICIOUS!!!!!  

Museum Mile

On June 8th, 2010, New York City had free admissions to all of their museums on Museum Mile.  I decided to go after work and check it out.  One of my favorites was the Guggenheim.  Such beautiful architecture.  I could not believe how many people were lined up to enter the various museums.  I walked about a mile to get to the end of the line to get into the Guggenheim.  The line went fairly fast.  I met some pretty interesting people while waiting in line. There were some very interesting installations.  One of my favorites was an exhibit that displayed all children's artwork.  I could not believe how beautiful they were.  They have such a unique eye and a positive way at looking at the world.  

The other installation that I thought was interesting was a film that was shot at different angles and was displayed on different projectors.  It was of a old man sitting on a chair.  There was no sound.  He was filmed from different angles and you observed different sides of his body.  People who walked in front of the projector, their shadows were shown on screen.  There were about five projectors of this old man sitting in different positions.  This really made me think of death and how time goes by so fast.  People see different sides of you and soon they will only see a shadow.  How do people, especially myself, leave an imprint after death?  

Saturday, July 17, 2010


A few weeks ago I was stuck on the subway for a half hour.  I know it could have been worse, but silly me just watched Pelham 123, bad idea!  I was by myself and had my sketchbook and was taking notes of everything that was happening and coming up with solutions in my head in case something happened.  After I found out that is was simply a mechanical disfunction I chuckled.  Every New Yorker has to get stuck in the subway at least once in there lifetime!    


Found a great place to go and be a five year old kid again!  Fat Cat is similar to Chatterbox in Minneapolis, it is a bar/restaurant where you can play all sorts of games.  They have ping pong, shuffle board, darts, board games, pool ect.  This was a fun night!  



The interesting thing about NYC is that there are so many fun restaurants.  This one in particular had a very interesting bathroom setup.  They had chalkboards for the walls and chalk was placed in cups in the bathroom.  This way if you feel like spending a bit more time in the bathroom, you know make your date get a little uneasy, you could write or draw on the walls.  I thought it was fun!  


Literally Body Bags

Val and I have had such a wonderful time on the job!  

Mood Fabrics

Mood fabrics loves me and hates me all at the same time!  Finding the right fabric can be exhausting!  An assignment I had at my internship was to find the exact kind of fabric that the client had for a promotional event.  We were making 160 white jackets and we needed the fabric and jackets made in 1.5 weeks... that is what I call a time crunch!  Running around trying to find fabric and a seamstress was quite the mission.  But all and all it came together!  



Thursday, June 10, 2010

12,000 Minnesota Nurses launch 1-day walkout

"Well, started at 6.30 this morning, walking with all of my friends on the sidewalks of Methodist hospital.  
26 years later than the last time we did this.  Was very wierd, I definitely felt alot stronger about it back then.  
I was joined by at least another 500 nurses at one time, and they kept trickeling in throughout the day."
-Mechelle Archbold 

Cheese, Wine and Scrabble


Thought it would be appropriate if we all sang Happy Birthday to you!! So if you listen real hard, you will be able to hear us all singing on key!!

Happy Birthday to you. (Lisa, is that you harmonizing?)
Happy Birthday to you. (Emma, I wish I could sing like you)
Happy Birthday to you. (Sam, are you playing the drums?)
Happy Birthday dear grandma. (Yes, that is me off key...just like my daddy)

Happy Birthday to you!!!!


(a letter my mom sent to my grandma on her birthday)

Follow The Crowd To Nathan's

Swinging Carts

About a 45 minute subway ride.  Last stop Coney Island.  Was a little trashy.  Not what I expected at all.  Went on the Ferris Wheel for $6!  It was no ordinary Ferris Wheel though, it was a swinging Ferris Wheel!  Scariest Ferris Wheel I have ever been on.  Who knew a Ferris Wheel could be so much fun! 

Monday, June 7, 2010


Picture Perfect

What is with NYC and there window displays???  They have this mindset that EVERYTHING they sell needs to make it in the window display!  Visual overload.  Not my favorite!  

STAPLE that...

Best stapler I have ever used!  

Busy Bee

The more boxes, the more busier work will be!  This week was crazy!!!! 



Beautiful day on the rooftop.  


Lacoste had an interesting guerilla marketing tactic.  USA Network has joined forces with Lacoste and Vanity Fair for a shirt exchange that benefits charity! You might remember their free Thomas Pink shirt promotion from last year for "White Collar" -- well this time it's promoting "Royal Pains."  This shirt exchange was also benefiting doctors without borders.  For every shirt exchanged $10 would be given to Doctors without borders. 

 I especially loved the metro card that they gave you, with one free ride to get you to the Lacoste store.  I thought that was very clever.  

Giant M&M

Did you know m&m is launching a new candy?  It is filled with pretzels in the middle and chocolate on the outside.  Who can resist the combination of sweet and salty???

Monday, May 31, 2010

Fleet Week

Saw a lot of sailors, met some great people and found a local hangout…Say Whaaaa?!?

My Favorite Superhero

These girls were adorable!  As I was listening to them, I remembered I had seen one of them before.  The girl in the pink is in a band called Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players.  They toured with Kate Nash and it was one of the best concerts I have seen.  Was bizarre that I had remembered her and interesting to see her doing what she loves off the “road” on the sidewalk.  


Helped my friend look for apartments and I was taken back by the prices.  I knew New York City was expensive but living in a tiny one bedroom apartment for 1,800 a month is a bit ridiculous.  The bedroom was a loft, just enough room for a bed. 

I am sorry dear.

Long Lines & Chuckles

If I am in NYC this summer there was one thing that I had to do… see Sex and the City 2.  I have to say that I don’t even remember the first Sex and the City but that didn’t matter.  I laid down $13!!!!! That is ridiculous.  All the showings were sold out except the 11:30 p.m. showing on May 28th.  They told us to get here about an 1 ½ early, and that is what we did.  We waited in this everlasting line and listened to all the girls fantasize about being one of the four women.  Pretty comical.  When it was time to enter the theater everyone started running in the theater like there was money involved.  Overall I thought the movie was funny and entertaining.  The clothes in itself were very fun to observe.  

Cheeezzzz Doggggzzzz

This was very comparable to a Minnesota State Fair foot long hot dog… it might have been better!  

Friday, May 28, 2010

Emerald City

The Michael Alan Group has is Wicked for one of there clients, and one of the events the street team will be doing is handing out these water bottles along with other promotional material.  I have to say that Val (the other intern) and myself prepared theses lovely water bottles for distribution.  GO TEAM!  

Key to Success

After multiple attempts to try and find the NYU card center, the third time was the charm.  Finally got my identification so I can finally EAT and enter my building with no hassle.  

All Shades of Blue

This picture was taken one of my first days in NYC.  I was sitting in Herald Square and doing what I do best… observe people.  I was feeling a bit alone, but not as alone as this woman looked.  Forgive her pose… I will apologize for her (not very lady like).  

Feather Pillows

There comes a time in everyone’s life that the word “home” can be very confusing.  I arrived at NYU dorms on May 23, 2010.  This is going to be my “home” for the next three months.  One suitcase and a carry on.  How can one survive with the bare minimal in New York City?  The city of the most fashionable people?  One cannot compete.  I arrived to an enormous room on the twelfth floor with a common room with three beds and another bedroom with two beds.  A bit confused, I chose my bed close to the window overlooking the fire escapes and rooftop gardens.  Hearing sirens and car horns was a reassurance that “I was not in Kansas city anymore!” Anxious, excited, nervous, beautiful, exhausted, confused, stressed, lonely, happy…did I mention nervous.  Feeling a bit directionless I began to take one step at a time.  This is what I have been craving, now is the time to soak it up.   


“Be yourself, and don’t let the city change you…YOU change the city!” 

-Wise woman 


Last night in Jersey my aunt and uncle took me to this great restaurant… Salt!  Great signage!  

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My New Home

Be More Excited


 Check out the new shopping cart that ShopRite has in New Jersey.  You can use the rollers or you can carry the cart.  Multipurpose.  Why haven't I seen these in Minneapolis?   


10001 is my new zip code.  New York City for the whole summer!      

the michael alan group
35 West 35th Street 
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Frock Swap

At school I put on a event.  This was a clothing exchange that was held in the college center. Had a great turnout and a wonderful time!  

"C" Project

I went to my first estate sale with a good friend of mine!  I was blown away by all the wonderful knick knacks.  Some would have called in junk, but I thought it was necessities.  That day I was wearing a very important necklace.  This necklace has been around in our family for a very long time.  My mom had given it to me for one of my birthday's.  This was no ordinary necklace.  It was a locket.  Inside there is a picture of my grandma and grandpa.  When I was rummaging through the box of jewelry at the estate sale, I found a locket that was very similar to the one my mother had given to me.  I quickly opened it up to see who was inside... there was nobody there.  I started thinking about the person who once owned this locket.  Why were they not holding on to it as tightly as I was?  My mind started to drift away and questions began to arise about the person that once lived in this house.  Did they die?  Did they move to a nursing home?  Did there kids move out and they had to downsize?  The unknown was uncomfortable.   

love it, or leave it alone

Junior year has come and gone!  I have handed in all of my final projects and am now onto a new adventure.