Thursday, August 19, 2010

Museum Mile

On June 8th, 2010, New York City had free admissions to all of their museums on Museum Mile.  I decided to go after work and check it out.  One of my favorites was the Guggenheim.  Such beautiful architecture.  I could not believe how many people were lined up to enter the various museums.  I walked about a mile to get to the end of the line to get into the Guggenheim.  The line went fairly fast.  I met some pretty interesting people while waiting in line. There were some very interesting installations.  One of my favorites was an exhibit that displayed all children's artwork.  I could not believe how beautiful they were.  They have such a unique eye and a positive way at looking at the world.  

The other installation that I thought was interesting was a film that was shot at different angles and was displayed on different projectors.  It was of a old man sitting on a chair.  There was no sound.  He was filmed from different angles and you observed different sides of his body.  People who walked in front of the projector, their shadows were shown on screen.  There were about five projectors of this old man sitting in different positions.  This really made me think of death and how time goes by so fast.  People see different sides of you and soon they will only see a shadow.  How do people, especially myself, leave an imprint after death?  

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