Saturday, July 17, 2010


A few weeks ago I was stuck on the subway for a half hour.  I know it could have been worse, but silly me just watched Pelham 123, bad idea!  I was by myself and had my sketchbook and was taking notes of everything that was happening and coming up with solutions in my head in case something happened.  After I found out that is was simply a mechanical disfunction I chuckled.  Every New Yorker has to get stuck in the subway at least once in there lifetime!    


Found a great place to go and be a five year old kid again!  Fat Cat is similar to Chatterbox in Minneapolis, it is a bar/restaurant where you can play all sorts of games.  They have ping pong, shuffle board, darts, board games, pool ect.  This was a fun night!  



The interesting thing about NYC is that there are so many fun restaurants.  This one in particular had a very interesting bathroom setup.  They had chalkboards for the walls and chalk was placed in cups in the bathroom.  This way if you feel like spending a bit more time in the bathroom, you know make your date get a little uneasy, you could write or draw on the walls.  I thought it was fun!  


Literally Body Bags

Val and I have had such a wonderful time on the job!  

Mood Fabrics

Mood fabrics loves me and hates me all at the same time!  Finding the right fabric can be exhausting!  An assignment I had at my internship was to find the exact kind of fabric that the client had for a promotional event.  We were making 160 white jackets and we needed the fabric and jackets made in 1.5 weeks... that is what I call a time crunch!  Running around trying to find fabric and a seamstress was quite the mission.  But all and all it came together!