Thursday, June 10, 2010

12,000 Minnesota Nurses launch 1-day walkout

"Well, started at 6.30 this morning, walking with all of my friends on the sidewalks of Methodist hospital.  
26 years later than the last time we did this.  Was very wierd, I definitely felt alot stronger about it back then.  
I was joined by at least another 500 nurses at one time, and they kept trickeling in throughout the day."
-Mechelle Archbold 

Cheese, Wine and Scrabble


Thought it would be appropriate if we all sang Happy Birthday to you!! So if you listen real hard, you will be able to hear us all singing on key!!

Happy Birthday to you. (Lisa, is that you harmonizing?)
Happy Birthday to you. (Emma, I wish I could sing like you)
Happy Birthday to you. (Sam, are you playing the drums?)
Happy Birthday dear grandma. (Yes, that is me off key...just like my daddy)

Happy Birthday to you!!!!


(a letter my mom sent to my grandma on her birthday)

Follow The Crowd To Nathan's

Swinging Carts

About a 45 minute subway ride.  Last stop Coney Island.  Was a little trashy.  Not what I expected at all.  Went on the Ferris Wheel for $6!  It was no ordinary Ferris Wheel though, it was a swinging Ferris Wheel!  Scariest Ferris Wheel I have ever been on.  Who knew a Ferris Wheel could be so much fun! 

Monday, June 7, 2010


Picture Perfect

What is with NYC and there window displays???  They have this mindset that EVERYTHING they sell needs to make it in the window display!  Visual overload.  Not my favorite!  

STAPLE that...

Best stapler I have ever used!  

Busy Bee

The more boxes, the more busier work will be!  This week was crazy!!!! 



Beautiful day on the rooftop.  


Lacoste had an interesting guerilla marketing tactic.  USA Network has joined forces with Lacoste and Vanity Fair for a shirt exchange that benefits charity! You might remember their free Thomas Pink shirt promotion from last year for "White Collar" -- well this time it's promoting "Royal Pains."  This shirt exchange was also benefiting doctors without borders.  For every shirt exchanged $10 would be given to Doctors without borders. 

 I especially loved the metro card that they gave you, with one free ride to get you to the Lacoste store.  I thought that was very clever.  

Giant M&M

Did you know m&m is launching a new candy?  It is filled with pretzels in the middle and chocolate on the outside.  Who can resist the combination of sweet and salty???